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The tiles in our office building are very old, but they are still in excellent shape because of the way this professional service company cleaned them. They are the best tile cleaning service in Sydney and have done such a great job cleaning and sealing & protecting our tiles.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Farhan

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Bathurst Grout Cleaning Bathurst

Do you remember what your original GROUT color was?

Are you tired of looking at your Dirty & Discolored Tile & Grout?

Did you know that we can Change the Color of Your Grout?

Is your Grout Cracking, Missing or Stained?

Are you Installing New Tile and Grout?

Are you renovating an area and wondering if you can save the tile floors?

Having Trouble maintaining your Tile and Grout?

New Custom Tile Installation Needed?

If you answered 'YES' to any of those questions... Call Us, we can help!

We provide professional grout cleaning services for all types of grout.

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

Our equipment can handle both domestic and commercial jobs.

Regular cleaning of your floors will typically keep all the surfaces looking fresh and new, and most homes and businesses should have their floors mopped and scrubbed at least once per week. This will keep dirt and grime from building up and will keep the environment healthy and sanitary, as well as looking its best.

Professional tile cleaning is not expensive and something that should be considered on a regular basis. There are a few reasons why it's good to call on the services of professionals for your tile and grout regularly, even if you clean your floors on your own on a weekly basis.

Using the Right Cleaners

You might use bleach in the bath and this will get grout clean, but what about floors? If you have tile floors in your home or office, bleach may harm their materials and won't do much to get this grout clean. This is because floors use a different type of adhesive and what works for the bath won't work on floors. Trying to bleach your floors and get them clean is like trying to bleach cement; it has little if any effect on its overall look and cleanliness. That bleach may also settle into porous areas of the floor and even ruin the materials.

A professional will use the right cleaners and even steam to remove dirt from floors and the grout lines in between, so that your floors are clean and sanitary but also looking their best. You may be surprised at how bright and white your lines are once you have a professional handle this job for you.

cleaning grout tile using the best products before and after

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

Preserving the Floors

Ground-in dirt and mud can lessen the life of your floors no matter the materials, but especially so with porous materials such as limestone and slate. Even ceramic can allow dirt to seep into its pores and this can make the surface look dull and drab, and eventually wear away at the surface as well.

Having a professional handle your cleaning on a regular basis will remove dirt and grime that regular cleaning and mopping just won't get; steam will also loosen ground-in dirt so it can be removed more easily. This steam cleaning will help the floor to stay looking like new and to keep the floor in good condition for much longer.

If you have heavy foot traffic or traffic that brings in any amount of dirt and grime on a regular basis, it's good to think about regular professional cleaning. An annual cleaning can extend the life of your floor by many years and keep it looking new. For offices or homes with heavy traffic, having this done twice per year or even more often is a good investment in the life of your floors.

Grout is porous and will, over time, absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and lime scale. Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd uses proprietary products and environmentally friendly technology to deep clean grout for a fresh, renewed appearance.

In general ceramic tiles are easily maintained with general cleaning methods but grout often becomes stained & discoloured proving very difficult to clean effectively. Cleaning grout takes a combination of specialised industrial equipment and heavy duty cleaning products. By using a specially developed cleaning solution & high pressure cleaning equipment we are able to clean your ceramic tiles & grout to the highest standards. This new tile & grout cleaning system has only been available in for a short time. The process gives un-rivalled cleaning results compared to any other method. We recommend using a tile sealer on your grout after it has been cleaned.

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd is the leader in the "after care" market of grout cleaning and sealing. Our products and equipment used are the latest in technology to bring your grout and tile back to life. Before you have your tile removed and replaced, let Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd show you what options you have.

cleaning grout tile and getting brit tile

Even the most beautiful and expensive tile can appear dingy and unattractive if it is surrounded by dirty or stained grout. Foot traffic, spills, improper cleaning methods and cleaning products are the main causes of unattractive grout. Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd offers grout restoration solutions that cater to different needs and budgets.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing quality, professional grout restoration work. Our work is usually completed in one day. The work is completed for a fraction of replacement costs and far less aggravation than renovation while achieving the same results.

  • Quality Services Offered
  • Cleaning grout lines
  • Bathroom tile and grout
  • Floor tile and grout
  • Wall tile and grout
  • Grout sealing (impregnating sealers only)
  • Color sealing (many colors to choose from, suitable for small areas)

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

What is Grout?

Grout is a thick substance or paste that is formed with the combination of sand, water and cement. This paste is spread over and between the tiles, once the tiles are put in place on the floor or the walls. Although the tiles stick to the floor or wall with the help of cement, the white (sometimes colored) grout is used from the top to hold the tiles together with each other and to fill up the spaces between the tiles with a neutral colored paste. It gives a clean finish to the whole surface and it also prevents water or any other substance from going underneath the tiles.

Grout is porous and allows moisture and dirt to penetrate it. The build up of the dirt and moisture in the porous grout means in the worst circumstances it can turn black as well as harbour odours related to these areas.

cleaning grout white tile and getting the best result

Why Clean Grout?

The secret to great looking tiles is great looking grout. Grouts are porous and, as a result, they easily absorb grease, dirt and lime scale. Spillages such as wine, lemonades or any greasy substances could cause marks and patches in the joints in the floor. Grout between wall-tiles, particularly in damp areas like bathrooms, could and will become dirty and unattractive as a result of Mould, Mildew and Limescale.

Mould is one of the most unsightly problems, it usually starts off in the wettest area of the room, like the bottom of the shower or bath, and if left unchecked it could spread to cover a large area of the wall.

In bath or shower areas, continued use of acid formulated shampoos and soaps will cause discolouration of grout joints, causing yellow orange and pink stains to appear on the grout over time, so you should protect your grout using a sealer which forms an invisible barrier between the grout and the surface, protecting your investment for years to come.

If your home or apartment is tiled then it is best to call Tile Cleaners. Our grout cleaning technician will know exactly what to do especially on large spaces to be covered. We will professionally clean the entire tiled area, so that it will end up looking fresh, new and sparkling.

After we clean & sanitize the tiles & grout and allow it to dry, we can also seal the grout with our impregnating grout sealers (Only upon request). The grout absorbs the color sealer into its pores, creating a barrier against future staining. (Grout Sealing Creates a Sanitary Finish, Easy to Maintain and Stains Simply Wipe Off). Grout Sealing preserves the natural beauty of the grout lines for years to come.

If not sealed, grout can become stained with years of dirt and general cleaning products and can be impossible to clean to a decent standard. This is most common in bathrooms & kitchens.

grout tile before and after cleaning have a new look

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

The Process

Tile Cleaners Pty Ltd's grout cleaning tools have the ability to do more than dilute and suspend the dirt.

The combination of hot wafer, high pressure, emulsifier and vacuum creates a one-step cleaning process.

  • Dirt and bacteria are removed from their anchoring position using an emulsifier.
  • Hot pressurised water seeks out unwanted grime, bacteria and chemical residues hidden within the tile and grout.
  • Finally vacuum removes the dirty water leaving the tile and grout clean and dry

Once the surface has been cleaned the grout can be sealed. This is the only way to protect your investment from water and oil based stains, and from discolouration.

Sealing your Grout Lines

Grout Sealers prevent spills from penetrating into the porous grout.

Our impregnating penetrating water based grout sealer repels water and oil based liquids, prevents stains caused by most food and beverages and protects the grout from dirt and impurities.

We provide professional grout cleaning services for all types of grout

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

Our equipment can handle both domestic and commercial jobs.

Our Professional Grout Cleaning & Restoration process can be used on any tile and grout surface, including:

  • Bathroom Floors
  • Shower rooms
  • Shower cubicles
  • Wet rooms
  • Tubs
  • Kitchen Floors
  • Tiled Foyers
  • Conservatory flooring
  • Not only can this process be used in any room or surface in your home, it can also be used on both man-made and natural hard surfaces.

Ideal Situations for Grout Cleaning & Restoration

  • Shopping Centres
  • Food Halls
  • Toilets
  • Kitchens
  • Service Stations
  • Health Clubs
  • Motorway Services
  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming Pools
  • Changing Rooms

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

The nature of the amazing system means that cleaning can take place in close proximity to passers by, in both indoor and outdoor environments such as:

  • Shopping centres
  • Stables and stud farms
  • Children's play areas
  • Service station forecourts
  • Courtyards
  • Street scene situations
  • Golf clubhouses
cleaning grout tile and getting an amazing result

Grout Cleaning FAQ's

  • Q: What do your grout cleaning services include?
  • A: Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst services include scrubbing your grout with our tools and equipment (Turbo Hybrid Machines & Scrubbers) to restore it back to it's best possible condition. In small areas where we can't use our machines, the job will be done manually.
  • Q: How do I measure the size of the area i need to restore the grout in?
  • A: We recommend that you measure each room separately. They way to measure is the width * length. For example a room that is 3 meters long and 2 meters wide is 3 * 2 = 6m2 in total.
  • Q: What should I do to prepare for the grout cleaning?
  • A: Move all furniture and items up off the floor so it is ready for us to clean when we arrive.
  • Q: How do I know when my grouts are in need for professional cleaning?
  • A: You will know when to have it done once the grout start looking dull and discoloured even after a proper cleaning.
  • Q: Are your grout cleaning products toxic?
  • A: Here at Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst we understand the importance of your family's safety. This is why Tile Cleaners ® only use non-toxic finishing agents as we not only want to protect your grout, but your familiy's health too. Materials and agents that can be of health hazard are not in our product portfolio and have never been.
  • Q: What does a proper grout maintenance routine include?
  • A: A proper maintenance routine typically includes stripping and cleaning and resealing at least once every year or two, especially in commercial areas with high foot traffic, annually cleaning is recommended.
  • Q: What can I do to keep my grouts looking new?
  • A: To keep your tiles and grout looking new, Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst recommends sealing your grout lines with our special water based impregnating grout sealer. We also always reccommend cleaning each week with a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent to remove any dirt or grime from the tiled surface. Any strong detergents (any strong acid or alkali) may affect the sealer, mild detergents and pH neutral substances are strongly recommended.
  • Q: How will you charge me for stripping cleaning and sealing my grouts?
  • A: We charge per square meter for each separate room. There is a price list on the cleaners website for you to review. We prefer you measure each room individually before we come so when we charge you in the end it will be fast and easy for everyone.
  • Q: Will you help me move my furniture before your start cleaning my grout?
  • A: Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst do not move large furniture because we are not insured for such work but we can help you move your smaller items.
  • Q: What should I do to prepare for my grout cleaning?
  • A: In order to allow us to do our job in cleaning and restoring your grout, you will need to move all furniture and items up off the floor so it is ready for us to clean when we arrive.
  • Q: How do I schedule an estimate with Tile Cleaners?
  • A: Simply click on the location nearest to you and email the local office with your contact information or call the number of your local Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst representative.
  • Q: How much does an estimate cost?
  • A: In most cases Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst can give you a quote over the phone for free. In some cases we will need to come and check the work to be done prior to giving you a quote. This depends on the size and nature of the work required.
  • Q: How long does the estimate take?
  • A: In most cases, we can give you an approximate quote / estimate over the phone within 5 - 10 minutes. We will also inspect the area and confirm the quote on the day the job is booked for to get your final approval prior to starting any work.
  • Q: Once decided, how long will it take to schedule the work on my grout?
  • A: Most of our work can be scheduled within 2 – 10 days, and is usually done on the same day we come out to confirm the quote.
  • Q: What type of grout cleaner is used?
  • A: Tile Cleaners ® Bathurst uses a low pressure / hot water system to clean your grout. The vapor system will heat water to high degrees (up to 320 degrees) cleaning your grout with vapor technology using tap water leaving your grout in a PH neutral state.
  • Q: Do you use chemical cleaners?
  • A: Some cleaning situations require pre-treatment using a chemical cleaner. Our chemical cleaner contains no acid or bleach as these ingredients can do long term damage to your grout. The solution is then followed by our vapor technology removing the discoloration and any chemical residue from the grout joint. However in some cases we will need to use chemicals that do contain some little amount of bleach or acid when the grout is old and discolored.
  • Q: Why use grout cleaner and vapor cleaning?
  • A: The vapor cleaning process eliminates the cleaner from the pores of the joint leaving it in a PH neutral state.
  • Q: Why not just scrub the grout with a brush and mop it clean?
  • A: The mopping of excess cleaner is not completely absorbed leaving the cleaner in the pores of the grout. The cleaner will disrupt the PH level of the floor creating a dirt magnet after completion.
  • Q: Do you use a truck mounted cleaning machine?
  • A: Sometimes, depending on the size and nature of the work required. The truck mounted equipment generates pressure between 1500 – 3000 psi so we adjust the pressure depending on the type of tile and grout you have, otherwise the amount of pressure generated will create small cracks in the joint along with exploiting existing cracks if the wrong pressure is used.
  • Q: What is grout recoloring?
  • A: Recoloring grout is the application of a grout colorant to completely change or enhance the color of your grout.
  • Q: Why recolor my grout?
  • A: In some circumstances, your existing grout can be soiled to the point it will not clean well enough to be acceptable. Grout can also fade if exposed to excessive foot traffic or sunlight making it impossible to eliminate color variations in your grout.
  • Q: Can grout recoloring make my grout lighter?
  • A: Yes, your existing grout can be re-colored to a lighter or darker shade of your existing grout or a different color altogether to match your changing decor.
  • Q: Can you tell if the grout has been recolored?
  • A: The recoloring process will leave your grout looking brand new eliminating any color variations. The color sealer used is a penetrating color sealer leaving the grout in its natural state as it bonds to the silica in the grout joint. Some color sealers on the market are a topical that will cause your grout to look painted in its completed state.

We provide professional grout cleaning services for all types of grout

We cover all Bathurst suburbs

Our equipment can handle both domestic and commercial jobs.

To schedule your cleaning appointment or to obtain a free estimate, please Call 0423 011 301 or use the online enquiry form at the top of the page.

We provide tile & grout cleaning solutions
for all types of floor & wall tiles

To schedule your appointment or to obtain a free
estimate, give us a call by clicking the link below
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